If You Ever Need A Plumber In Naperville, Go For This Company!

I received yet another email recently asking for some DIY repair tips. The sender gladly allowed me to share her concern:

Hi, Michael. My name is Cordelia, a homeowner from Illinois. I am experiencing a water heater failure in my home in Naperville and I need some tips on how to find the source of the problem and some DIY solutions to fix it. Thanks.

Plumber In NapervilleI responded to the email asking for more specific details on the issue, but there is no response yet. Instead of waiting, I decided to create this post and give her some generalized tips to solve her dilemma.

Minor clogged toilet and drains are some plumbing issues that are relatively easy to solve on your own, using basic tools you already have in your home and some plumbing know-how. However, a water heater problem is a different story. Water heater repairs or installation can be too complicated to be tackled by homeowners who have little to no plumbing skills.

I understand the need to save some cash on repair bills, but keep in mind that doing-it-yourself does not always mean it would be cheaper.  My best advice for you, Cordelia is to call a licensed plumber in Naperville. An expert would know what to do to diagnose the source of the problem and he will be able to perform necessary repairs without delay. It is important to hire someone in your area so that you can be sure that the tech will arrive quickly.

If you don’t know any trustworthy plumbing company yet, I would recommend Plumbers 911. They have highly-trained contractors who are available any time of the day. They offer a wide variety of plumbing and water heater services, so be sure to call whenever you need them!

Plumbing Disaster in Your Home? You Can Call This Olathe Plumber Any Time

Plumbing problems – they are everywhere. In my years of being a blogger, this year has been a particularly busy year for DIY plumbers like me. Recently, I’ve received a lot of emails and messages on Facebook asking for advice – how to effectively remove a stubborn clog, how to detect and fix a leak, or how to know if sewer line needs repair, these sort of questions. The reason behind the increase in number of plumbing issues, I can’t explain to myself. Perhaps because a lot of homeowners decided to cheap out on fixtures and services, but ended up creating a bigger problem for themselves? Or perhaps the weather has something to do with it?

Olathe Plumber

In my home in Kansas, however, it is always the same. I experience minor plumbing issues once or twice a year, and that’s it. In the past eight years, I have experienced only two emergencies, in both events, I didn’t hesitate calling a licensed plumber in Olathe. Just because I can fix things, doesn’t mean I should. That’s my slogan. Minor issues, I deal by myself, but any emergency situation calls for a certified technician. I hope all homeowners think that way.

I have mentioned hiring a Olathe contractor on two occasions that I had a plumbing disaster. The company I called during those stressful times is Plumbers 911 Kansas. I chose them because they have contractors who are nearby and because I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. They are skilled and professional in every way and did a great job fixing the issues.

If you need a reliable plumbing service provider in Olathe, KS, this company is the best one to call. Here is their number:  (816) 429-1638. Don’t think twice calling them even if it’s too late in the night. I’m telling you, these dudes will arrive no matter what time you call.


Why You Should Let a Professional Chicago Plumber Handle Plumbing Problems

commercial plumber ChicagoThe moment we encounter a plumbing issue at home, our first impulse is to deal with it ourselves. In some occasions, this somehow helps but most of the time the smartest way to deal with a plumbing issue is to call a professional plumber to handle it.

One of those occasions is tracking leaks in your Chicago house. While there are leaks which are easy to track like faucet leaks, there are some which are impossible to trace such as leaks on the walls. This is primarily because water travels. Trusted plumbers use devices capable of tracking leaks along walls and floors.

Here are reasons why you should let a pro handle your plumbing problem:

  • Plumbers Know Where The Problem Is – Do you know that water has the ability to travel strange paths before you can actually see it? If you ever see a discolored spot on your ceiling, the leak could be on your roof or wall on the opposite side of your home.
  • Plumbers Know What They’re Looking For – Plumbers are skilled and trained to see the “signs” of poor plumbing condition. What may look like a bit of dirt t you could mean a whole lot of things: a serious leak on your foundation, roof or wall.
  • Plumbers are Well Equipped – These people do not only rely on senses if they’re looking for water. Most of them has a lot of equipment specialized to fix every possible plumbing problem, and in the case of water leak, they have an equipment capable of sensing moisture and humidity inside walls or radars to check underground for water deposits.
  • Plumbers Know How to Fix Your Problem – Yes, efficiently, the first time. Once they find the leak, they immediately know how to fix it. You won’t waste time, resources and money because the problem is solved the soonest possible time.

When it comes to plumbing, calling someone who REALLY knows about it is your best shot. Get the services of a reliable Chicago plumber to save you time and money by having that leak repaired the soonest possible time.

Solar Water Heater in Overland Park

water heater installation Overland Park Heated water is an important commodity of any household. We all need it for bathing, washing the clothes and the dishes among others. That being said, it just wise to invest on a solar water heater for your home to save money and help save resources as well. A water heater running on solar power reduces the cost of heating water by 50 to 80% on your monthly utility bill.

Types of Solar Water Operations
There are two types of solar water operations: active and passive. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Active Solar Water Systems

Between the two, this type is more expensive to operate and there is a big possibility that it would encounter more maintenance problems because their operation relies on a pump system and not on natural circulation.

Direct Solar Circulation System where water is heated on a water tank on top of the house, then circulated by a pump throughout the home. This is only possible with homes that do not experience freezing temperatures. Another downside is that it could run into serious issues the moment the mercury drops.

Indirect Circulation System works through a heat exchanger heating a non-freezing fluid that then heats the water. This is the best option if you live in a place where freezing temperatures is very common.

  • Passive Solar Water Systems

This type of solar water heaters are more maintenance free and cheaper compared to active systems.

Integral Collector Storage Systems or the ICS systems are the best options for areas where the temperature rarely drops below freezing. But please note that they could present some problems if you live in colder climates.

Thermosyphon systems work in all most climates since its process is to divert water to a conventional water heater the moment temperature drops below freezing point.

If you need more information about these water heater option, then contact a professional Overland Park plumber to ensure that you’ll get the information that you need.

Understanding the Hot Water Heater in Your Boston Home

water heater repair Boston
A hot water heater is important in any Boston home especially during its cold, snowy winters. This plumbing appliance is a must because it is used in various needs such as bathing, washing dishes and clothes among others. Here are some information about it that you might not know of:

  • There are two types of water heaters: tankless and conventional. Both are fueled by natural gas, known to be the most efficient fuel in heating water inside your home. The former are the most recommended ones since it requires very little space, and is cost and energy efficient, compared to the latter which stores water in a huge tank.
  • A tankless water heater has a series of electric coils or burners that warms the water when it is turned on. It costs less to operate because you need not keep the water boiling or warming inside a tank, rather only when you need it.
  • The downside of the tankless water heater is it is not capable of sharing with heating ability when two or more showers is used at the same time.
  • You can actually optimize the use of your water heater to save resources and money. To prevent scalding as well as heating costs, lower the thermostat to 120 degrees to prevent serious hot water injuries.
  • One tip is to install cut-off valves in your tubs and showers so flow of water is cut off automatically once there is a sudden increase in temperature beyond its normal, reasonable amount.

With these ideas in mind, now you know tool well that a hot water heater, tankless or otherwise has to be handled by a professional Boston plumber. It is dangerous, something that one cannot easily do without the proper skills and tools. It is best to have a physician working directly with you during the process of installation, repair and maintenance.

Aside from the water temperature, it is important that this plumbing appliance works as efficiently as possible, all day long. Because, guess what? An inefficient water heater could cause carbon dioxide poisoning which could lead to illness, or worse, death.

Things to Ask Before Hiring an Overland Park Plumber

plumbing Overland ParkWhenever there are plumbing issues at home or in your business facility, most would recommend that you get a licensed Overland Park plumbing technician. But how can you ensure that you are hiring the perfect one for you? Here are 4 important questions to ask your plumbing prospect.

  • Who are your references? Before hiring anyone, ask around for great recommendations. Go to your neighbors, colleagues, online, and past customers. Look for leads for the plumbing task that you need him to accomplish. A credible plumber is capable of presenting references and examples of his past work. Do this before hiring anyone to do the job. Here are some of the possible questions that you need to ask these references:
    • Was your project completed within the time frame?
    • How was your working relationship with the plumber?
    • Was the project completed without incurring additional expenses?
    • Would you recommend this plumbing expert?
  • Are you certified, registered, licensed, insured and bonded? Never hire someone without the proper credentials. Professionals who are not certified, registered, licensed, insured, or bonded will end up costly in the end, a huge, expensive mistake if you ask me. If the person you are considering has hesitations to show his credentials, look for someone else.
  • The experience for a certain plumbing task is important. A professional might know every nook and cranny of plumbing theoretically, but if he has no experience then everything he knows are only “knowledge” without experience. Majority of plumbers are capable of handling small jobs such as appliances installations, minor fixes, clogged drains, or leak repairs. However, for larger projects such as home renovations, sewing unclogging and many others, it is important to know that the plumber you’re trying to hire has already done this before. Ask for examples of past jobs of similar scope and size.
  • His payment options. It is a must that as a paying customer, you must not hire a plumber who requires upfront payment. For small projects, most of them require payment upon completion of the task, while for larger projects, payment is normally per milestone of the project.

If you are really in dire need of a professional plumber to work for any plumbing emergency, then call Plumbers 911. They have a network of licensed plumbers all well trained to do majority of plumbing tasks such as unclogging of drains, fixture and plumbing appliances installation in Overland Park, maintenance and repair, fix HVAC issues and leak detection among others,

Hydrojetting vs. Plumbing Snakes, What’s Best for Your Fort Lauderdale Home?

hydrojetting Fort LauderdaleNo matter how careful we are in what we put inside our drains, drain clog will happen at some point because there are a lot of causes for this, not just the materials that could get inside the drain, toilet or sink.

Reasons such as foreign object inside the pipes, old pipes which are too small to accommodate the volume of water inside, and root intrusion among others. Of course when this happens, you could try using the good old plunger but if that doesn’t work, it is now time to call a professional Fort Lauderdale plumber!

The pros would normally use hydrojetting or plumbing snakes, but would you know which one is the best for your home? Let me differentiate the two for you:


Hydrojetting uses a water-pressurizing machine connected to a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle. This produces a powerful stream capable of cleaning a drain. This is usually delivered in a cleanout, an opening on your pipe usually installed outside your home. This process involves water being forced down your drain so it pushes out mineral build-up, hair, grease and any other foreign object from the drain. The hydrojet is powerful enough to break tree roots which intruded your pipes, if that’s the case. However, before the above process, the plumber checks first for pipe damage using a small pipe camera.


  • Ideal for more serious clog problems
  • Clears away material build-up such as grease and minerals


  • Hydrojetting is a professional task, not DIY
  • Not for old pipes as it could cause more damage

Plumbing Snakes

Also known as plumbing auger, this equipment is also used to remove clogs. The plumbing snake has a long metal tube with a blade or corkscrew auger at the end which handles the removal of any clog. Using the hand crank at the base of the machine, the plumber pushes the auger until it reaches the clog. He then turns the crank to pull the clog out of the drain. Plumbing snakes normally has a J-shape bend or straight tube. The latter is normally used for sink drains and the former for toilets.


  • Perfect for minor clogs such as toys stuck in the drain
  • The solution when a plunger doesn’t work
  • Picks up a good amount of clog like hair, grease
  • Alerts you for more serious clog problems


  • Unable to break materials such as roots
  • Do not thoroughly cleans your drain
  • Temporary solution to drain clogs

Which Unclogging Equipment is Best for Your Fort Lauderdale Home?

It will still boil down to this: what is the cause of a Fort Lauderdale home drain clog? Hydrojetting is the answer for clogs that cannot be removed by an auger such as heavy grease and sludge or tree roots. Plumbing augers on the other hand is perfect in removing occasional blockages like toilet paper stuck inside your toilet or food stuck inside your kitchen drain.

Why You Shouldn’t Pump the Septic Tank in Your Miami Home

septic pumping miamiIf you were to ask me, I wouldn’t suggest that YOU do the septic pumping yourself. It’s too risky.

Cleaning a septic tank should ONLY be done by professional plumbers. It is a highly specialized job hence the need for a license and training before someone is assigned to do this task. Aside from that, the right equipment is equally necessary to ensure that no untoward incidents happen during the process.

What’s inside the septic tanks are hazardous and dangerous.

The licensed plumber who handles such task exposes himself to highly toxic materials and gases so they should have the proper gear, equipment and most importantly, training. You just cant open your septic tank and siphon to your heart’s content because it’s not simple task.

The government of Miami has regulated septic pumping to avoid problems and also to ensure that all plumbing companies offering this service has well trained operators. They should perform safety procedures in handling toxic materials and running their equipment for everyone’s protection including the government.

A vacuum truck operator should keep their focus on their job including the cleaning and emptying of their equipment. Safety procedures are set and ensured that they are religiously followed because even the highly skilled and the most equipped professionals meet accidents. If not properly executed, the person handling this could put everyone in danger and is subjected to pay penalties and fine to the local government.

When working at a septic tank, here are some important things to consider:

Open the septic containers carefully because these are full of toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and methane, and could cause explosion. These chemicals from human waste are extremely toxic that it could suffocate, or worse, kill. These tanks also have decomposing materials hence the need for safety gear.

Hazardous gases are flammable. A small flame, even just a spark could cause explosion. Be very careful and strictly prohibit fire of any kind or smoking in the area.

Focus on the temperature and pressure gauges during siphoning because temperature along with the pressure of gases easily build up during the transfer from the tank.

If you are still not aware, a septic tank is a complex structure and should be handled by licensed plumbers. Ask help from a local Miami plumbing technician if you need this service.

What to Do If You Have a Leaky Toilet in Lake Lotawana

clogged toilet lake lotawanaOne of the most common problems is leaking toilet at base. However, fixing this is relatively easy. Inspect first if the porcelain toilet bowl has cracks. This can be done by putting food coloring in the toilet bowl water. Leave it there for a few minutes. If you see colored water leaks on the floor near the toilet bowl, then the bowl is cracked and needs to be replaced. However, if you see no water leaks from the bowl, then probably the wax ring needs some checking. The wax ring sits between the drain and the toilet. The good news is, replacing the leaky wax ring is a quick project that you can do yourself!

Dry it Up!
You can begin the project by cleaning up the current leak and ensure that the floor around your toilet is dry and clean.

To reposition the toilet wax ring, you need to remove the plastic caps located at the base of the toilet using a flathead screwdriver. Tighten the floor bolts using a crescent wrench and flush the toilet. See if there are water leaks, if not, then you have fixated the wax ring well and sealed the drain connection. This, however, is a symptom of broken wax ring. If at some point in the future the water leaks again, then you now need to remove the toilet bowl from the floor and replace the wax ring.

In the event that the wax ring needs replacement, a purchase for a wax ring kit from your local hardware is necessary. The kit includes a wax ring, new floor bolts, nuts, and washers.

Check out this video on how to properly replace your wax ring:

If you think that this task is heavy on your end, try calling your reliable local Lake Lotawana plumber to fix the faulty toilet for you.