Why You Shouldn’t Pump the Septic Tank in Your Miami Home

septic pumping miamiIf you were to ask me, I wouldn’t suggest that YOU do the septic pumping yourself. It’s too risky.

Cleaning a septic tank should ONLY be done by professional plumbers. It is a highly specialized job hence the need for a license and training before someone is assigned to do this task. Aside from that, the right equipment is equally necessary to ensure that no untoward incidents happen during the process.

What’s inside the septic tanks are hazardous and dangerous.

The licensed plumber who handles such task exposes himself to highly toxic materials and gases so they should have the proper gear, equipment and most importantly, training. You just cant open your septic tank and siphon to your heart’s content because it’s not simple task.

The government of Miami has regulated septic pumping to avoid problems and also to ensure that all plumbing companies offering this service has well trained operators. They should perform safety procedures in handling toxic materials and running their equipment for everyone’s protection including the government.

A vacuum truck operator should keep their focus on their job including the cleaning and emptying of their equipment. Safety procedures are set and ensured that they are religiously followed because even the highly skilled and the most equipped professionals meet accidents. If not properly executed, the person handling this could put everyone in danger and is subjected to pay penalties and fine to the local government.

When working at a septic tank, here are some important things to consider:

Open the septic containers carefully because these are full of toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and methane, and could cause explosion. These chemicals from human waste are extremely toxic that it could suffocate, or worse, kill. These tanks also have decomposing materials hence the need for safety gear.

Hazardous gases are flammable. A small flame, even just a spark could cause explosion. Be very careful and strictly prohibit fire of any kind or smoking in the area.

Focus on the temperature and pressure gauges during siphoning because temperature along with the pressure of gases easily build up during the transfer from the tank.

If you are still not aware, a septic tank is a complex structure and should be handled by licensed plumbers. Ask help from a local Miami plumbing technician if you need this service.

What to Do If You Have a Leaky Toilet in Lake Lotawana

clogged toilet lake lotawanaOne of the most common problems is leaking toilet at base. However, fixing this is relatively easy. Inspect first if the porcelain toilet bowl has cracks. This can be done by putting food coloring in the toilet bowl water. Leave it there for a few minutes. If you see colored water leaks on the floor near the toilet bowl, then the bowl is cracked and needs to be replaced. However, if you see no water leaks from the bowl, then probably the wax ring needs some checking. The wax ring sits between the drain and the toilet. The good news is, replacing the leaky wax ring is a quick project that you can do yourself!

Dry it Up!
You can begin the project by cleaning up the current leak and ensure that the floor around your toilet is dry and clean.

To reposition the toilet wax ring, you need to remove the plastic caps located at the base of the toilet using a flathead screwdriver. Tighten the floor bolts using a crescent wrench and flush the toilet. See if there are water leaks, if not, then you have fixated the wax ring well and sealed the drain connection. This, however, is a symptom of broken wax ring. If at some point in the future the water leaks again, then you now need to remove the toilet bowl from the floor and replace the wax ring.

In the event that the wax ring needs replacement, a purchase for a wax ring kit from your local hardware is necessary. The kit includes a wax ring, new floor bolts, nuts, and washers.

Check out this video on how to properly replace your wax ring:

If you think that this task is heavy on your end, try calling your reliable local Lake Lotawana plumber to fix the faulty toilet for you.